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  • Mahjong Research Society
    Mahjong Research Society, HKUSTU

    We are Mahjong Research Society! We are dedicated in promoting competitive mahjong. We hold several events such as Mahjong competitions, featuring classes, tournaments, and regular Mahjong gatherings. Furthermore, we play a lot of different Mahjong types include Hong Kong, Japanese, Taiwanese, and much more! We very much welcome everyone to join our family!

    - Period: Aug 15-16, 2024
    - Major Venues: Common Room 4, LG5 Conference Room, HKUST Campus, UGH7 Multi-purpose Hall
    - Itinerary: check it out HERE

  • Games Society
    Games Society, HKUSTSU

    The 2024 Games Society O’Camp with the topic of METEPSYVHOSIS will be held on 14/8 -16/8 in the UST Campus. The topic is not a gimmick but an ARG for freshmen to immerse into this three-day and two nights O’Camp. If you are seeking a chill O’Camp to open your university life, you must join us!

    - Period: Aug 14-16, 2024
    - Major Venue: HKUST Campus
    - Itinerary: check it out HERE