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    Christian Choir, HKUSTSU
    Welcome to HKUST! Join our OCamp and set off on a Harmony Journey in the Campus. You will explore HKUST landmarks with our guided tour and delve into the history of Christian Choir as well as music in worship. We hope to see you soon!
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    Campus Crusade for Christ, HKUSTSU
    Welcome to HKUST! We are Campus Crusade for Christ. Let's connect with a group of supportive Christians and explore the relationship between faith and your university life together! Stay tuned to the latest information, by following our Instagram @hkustsuccc!
    Student Astronomy Club, HKUSTSU
    Welcome to HKUST! Our club welcomes all astronomy lovers, let’s come and join our O’camp! It will be held on 14-16 August. Get ready to meet new friends and enjoy our camp! There will be a campfire, water games, and a campus hunt waiting for you! Don’t forget to follow our Instagram for upcoming events! See you there!
    Mahjong Research Society, HKUSTU
    We are Mahjong Research Society! We are committed to promote competitive mahjong, featuring classes, tournaments, and regular gatherings. Mahjong types include Hong Kong, Japanese, Taiwanese, and much more!
    Games Society, HKUSTSU
    If you enjoy the thrill of board games, video games or games of any kind, this is the right place for GAMERS like you! Save the date to come join our campus Pokémon hunt, beach games, barbeque, campfire, and more~
    Hey Freshmen! AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization that develops leadership. Join our Touch Camp for a transformative experience and meet mind-like peers!! Apply now! Contact Person : Michelle Cheung (Whatsapp : +852 62987832)