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    The Band Society, HKUSTSU
    The Band Society welcomes all music lovers, no matter if you play instruments or not. We hope that you can enjoy the vibe and mosh with us. Come to our Ocamp and discover more!
    The University Choir, HKUSTSU
    You love singing and want to make some friends before the semester starts? Join us at Orientation Day! We will have campus tour and mini-games packed in a day. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! If you are interested, learn more on our Instagram page!
  • UPO
    University Philharmonic Orchestra, HKUSTSU
    Experience a captivating prelude to your university life by joining our orientation day on 16th August! Meet like-minded peers and members who share your love for music!
    Comics and Animation Society, HKUSTSU
    Hello fellow anime lovers! Are you searching for an unforgettable experience this summer? Well, you’re in fortune! We will be organizing an Orientation Day on 20th August. If you wish to know more about HKUST and make new friends, this event is just for you. Come and join us!