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  • UGH4
    Vista, House IV Students' Association, HKUSTSU
    Welcome to HKUST! We are Vista, House IV Students' Association, HKUSTSU. This year, we are going to hold our OCamp on the 18-20/8/2023 (Friday - Sunday). Let's join us and kick off your fruitful university life at Vista OCamp.
  • UGH2
    Vertex, House II Students' Association, HKUSTSU
    Do you want to make new friends and experience interesting hall life?? Come join our Ocamp to enjoy the warm, comfy and welcoming ambience as being a Vertexian!!
  • UGH3
    Glacier, House III Students' Association, HKUSTSU
    Our O’camp promises to kickstart your U-life and create unforgettable memories. Here you’re going to make lifelong friends and enjoy the most splendid hall life ever. Come join us, Glacier.