Financial Related Matters

The Central Student Financials Unit (CSFU) of the Finance Office handles student payments, collection of outstanding student fees, and enquiries on student financials related matters, including payment method & procedures, refund & disbursement, deferral payment of tuition/hall fees, etc.  For details, please click here to visit their website.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can ordinary pay-in-slips be used to pay the tuition/hall fees?

No, a designated bank pay-in-slip MUST be used on which student ID MUST be specified upon payment for identification purpose.

2. How do students pay hall, tuition, caution money, non-local student compulsory medical insurance & SU fees?

Students may pay these fees via:

  • Internet Banking
  • Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”)
  • PPS by Phone or Internet
  • Hang Seng Bank Counter
  • Bank Remittance / Wire Transfer
3. May students pay by instalments due to daily payment limit imposed by bank?

Yes, as long as the fees are fully paid before due date.

4. How to apply for payment deferral of tuition or hall fee for undergraduate (UG) students?

Online deferral application form is available for continuing and new* undergraduate (UG) students. Deferment of tuition fee or hall fee payment will be considered on the ground of financial hardships with supporting proof. Applications should be made at least 7 working days before payment due date and applications submitted after the payment due date will not be accepted.

(*For new undergraduate (UG) students admitted via Direct Entry who have financial difficulties in settling their first semester’s tuition fee before the program registration date, please approach Scholarships & Financial Aid Office or for advice.)

5. Where can students get the prescribed pay-in-slip?

Students may obtain the prescribed pay-in-slip at Academic Registry, Finance Office or Student Housing & Residential Life Office.