Financial Assistance

Meeting the financial needs of university expenses may not be an easy task for every young adult. If you encounter financial difficulties in supporting your studies, you may apply for Government or University financial assistance. If you need advice or help in solving your financial problems, you are encouraged to approach the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

Government Schemes

Full-time local students taking UGC-funded courses are eligible to apply for financial aid from the Government. Assistance is offered through two schemes.

Under the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme (TSFS), means-tested assistance is offered in the form of grants and low interest rate loans. Grants are offered for tuition fees and academic expenses while loans are for living expenses. The level of financial assistance is related to family income and financial status.

Under the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme (NLSFT), the maximum amount of loan offered is equivalent to the tuition fee payable for that academic year. Students are expected to repay the loans at a cost recovery interest rate upon graduation.

Further details could be obtained from the website of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency.

The Government schemes are the main source of assistance to most students. If you are in need of financial aid to support your studies, it is essential that you apply for these schemes. Generally the application deadline for new students would be around mid September of the year while application for continuing students would start around April. Details would be available at the website of Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. If you have trouble in completing the form or have any worries, contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office for advice.

A short video is prepared for new local students to understand the 2020/21 Government and University Financial Assistance Schemes in further details. Please click here to access the video. (ITSC login is required)


University Financial Assistance

To supplement Government schemes, the University Financial Assistance is available to assist students who are unable to obtain adequate assistance under the Government schemes. Owing to limited resources, the amount offered will not be sufficient to cover all your expenses. Applications would normally be invited from mid August to late September of the year. For details, please visit the website of Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

To offer a timely relief to students who suffer from financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a COVID-19 Student Hardship Relief Fund is set up by the University. Local students who apply for University Financial Assistance Scheme will be automatically considered for the Relief Fund and do not need to submit a separate application.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Students with urgent financial hardship may approach the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office for emergency financial assistance any time during the year.

Other Student Financial Support

Details of other financial support are available from the website of Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.