HKUST is a diverse campus and is committed to offering equal opportunities to all our students for pursuing a successful learning experience. We have students from different cultures and backgrounds, and with different interests, perspectives and abilities. The rich diversity promotes personal growth and a healthy society, strengthens communities and enriches the educational experience of the students.

Office of Global Learning

The office supports international and non-local students, runs social activities to promote a vibrant multicultural campus. Click here for details.

Center for the Arts (CFA)

CFA promotes cultural awareness and sensitivities through engaging students in a wide array of art programs. Click here for details.


Student Groups

Student groups offer a wide range of opportunities beyond the formal classrooms to promote mutual respect and appreciation of differences, thus achieving a true sense of inclusive community.

  • Students' Union
    o    Art and Cultural Clubs
    o    Independent Clubs Association and Independent Clubs
    o    Sports Association and Sports Clubs
    o    House Associations
    o    School & Departmental Societies
  • Mainland Students and Scholars Society
  • International Students Association
  • ..... and many others


In a diverse and complex institution, there are inevitably misunderstandings, elements of mis-information and moments of confusion. Students who feel they are unfairly treated or being discriminated in any way can seek assistance from the Dean of Students whose role is to brief student on his/her rights and to provide appropriate advice and assistance.

Magic formula for a happy and enriching life in a diverse community

  • Show respect for others
  • Be considerate and sensible
  • Be open-minded
  • Avoid labeling others as unfriendly or discriminating

Gender Discrimination Committee

The University's Gender Discrimination Committee is responsible for raising general awareness of gender discrimination and handling specific cases of discrimination brought to its attention. Click here for details.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The Policy covers what constitute sexual harassment and offers both informal and formal procedures for handling complaints. Click here for details.

Sexual harassment is prohibited by University policy. University faculty, staff, or students are liable to University discipline if found guilty of sexual harassment.