Student Activities

Student activities form an important part of university life because they empower students in a way that no textbooks can. They allow students to pursue their interests and broaden their horizons, urge them to make their own decisions and develop vital skills, and help them develop a sense of belonging through active participation and team work.

At HKUST, more than 100 student organizations, student projects/ groups and offices offer a myriad of interesting activities and programs for you to get involved in. You can meet people from different cultures and background, enroll in student activities to enrich your campus life, enjoy an arts or cultrual activities to enlighten your mind, become a member or even a leader of any of the academic or interest student groups, or initiate projects and apply for funding to implement your ideas.

Our Staff of the Dean of Students' Office can help you explore ways to meet new friends, develop your leadership skills, become active in the community, and make the most out of your non-academic life.

If you have questions about student activities at HKUST, if you would like to join or start an organization, or if you have any ideas about making your student life more colorful, contact the staff of the Student Support & Activities Team at Amenities Service Counter at Room LG3005, Indoor Sports Complex (Lift 6) or at email

HKUST offers a wide range of resources to support you to pursue your interests and broaden your horizon. Do make good use of them!