Sports Development

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Sports play an important role in our students’ education at HKUST as they are instrumental to effective learning and whole person development.

All new UG students, in their first year of study, are required to take the Healthy Lifestyle Course (HLTH1010) to learn how to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle that will help them to effectively manage their life, learning and work. A good variety of diversified course events will be offered for you to start your healthy and wealthy journey at HKUST. Please visit the course website for more information.

Sports play a unique role at HKUST not merely as a kind of activity, but as an element that draws people together in a spirit of belonging, dedication and good fun. Through practices and competitions, participants get to enhance their skills, learn about sportsmanship, perseverance and team work.

There is a breadth of sports experience opportunities for HKUST students to involve in. To make your university life more healthy and enjoyable, consider joining the following:

Sports Clubs & Teams

Currently there are over 30 sports clubs and teams in HKUST that you can join to enhance your sports skills, practice sportsmanship, perseverance and team work.

You are welcome to check the website of student groups for a quick reference on sports opportunities open to students. Take action to join the sports group that meets your interest!

Intramural Sports Competitions

With the aim to cultivate a sporting culture in HKUST as well as a sense of belonging among students within the academic department, the Sports Association and the sports clubs organize the Intramural Sports Competitions each year. The events include Campus Run, Aquatic Meet, Athletics Meet, Badminton, Basketball & Football Competitions.

Find out more about the Intramural Sports Competitions here. Contact your departmental society for joining these events.

For more information on sports@HKUST, please click here.

You are welcome to meet our Sports Advisors if you have questions regarding sports and wellness. Click here for the contact information.