Aesthetics & Culture

Art, Music and More in the Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts (CFA) organizes a wide variety of programs to promote the appreciation and participation of students in artistic and cultural activities. We hold exhibitions, concerts, film shows, seminars, workshops, and arrange visits and many more to serve the art-loving HKUST community.

HKUST Arts Festival

Held in March and April every year, HKUST Arts Festival is the most important arts event on campus. For more than four weeks, artworks will be shown in different places, art professionals and performing groups will be invited to give talks and performances. Arts and culture-related student societies and groups will also have the chance to show their talents and to exchange their ideas with external groups.

ArtPower@ HKUST

Art-loving students can approach us to propose events and projects, and share their creative ideas with us. At HKUST, your Art Power will not be wasted.

Program Director: Dr Anna Kwong

DIY Workshop