Experience Sports Workshops

Through joining one of the Experience Sports Workshops, students will have hands-on experience of TWO sports activities which are available in HKUST. In each sports, students will learn the key features of that particular sports and play that sports under the supervision of trained sports tutors for around 45 minutes. Groups will rotate after the 45-minute exercise in order to experience a maximum of TWO sports in each 2-hour workshop. Students are welcome to attend one workshop per day.

(Advanced registration is required. Students attending the workshop MUST wear sportswear and non-marking sports shoes and are required to show their HKUST student ID card.)


  • Facilitate new students to learn and experience at least 2 sports activities which are available in HKUST.
  • Allow sports leaders to plan and conduct a 45-minute experience workshop of their sports for new students to participate and enjoy in a safe manner under the guidance of the full-time professional staff.




Aug 30 (Wed) 10:30-12:30
Aug 30 (Wed) 14:00-16:00
Aug 31 (Thu) 10:30-12:30
Aug 31 (Thu) 14:00-16:00


Assembly at the Registration Counter in LG4 Spectator Area outside Squash Court via lift 6

Quota: 120 per session


This is a recognized event in the "Self-directed Experience" component of HMAW1905: Behavioral Foundations of University Education: Habits, Mindsets, and Wellness. You need to attend the event in full to get 2 hours.

Students who cannot attend the session should contact the Sports Development, Dean of Students' Office (Tel. 2358 8586 or email sdprogram@ust.hk<