Computer Barns

Computer Barns and Express Stations are provided for your use. You just need to logon with a valid ITSC network account.

There are 3 Computer Barns: Computer Barn A, C, and the Tang Shiu Kin Computational Laboratory. Express Stations and Virtual Barn Workstations are distributed across the campus.

Computer Barns
Computer Barn A
Room 4402-4404 (Lifts 17-18)
Computer Barn C
Room 4578-4580 (Lifts 27-28)
Tang Shiu Kin Computational Laboratory
Room 1101 (opposite Academic Registry)

Opening hours: please click here

All the computers in the Computer Barns are connected to the campus network. Common software such as Microsoft Office, a full range of email and Internet utilities, multimedia applications and academic software packages are available.

You may also connect your notebook computer to the campus network through our eduroam wireless hotspots at Barns.

Printing Service is available using Computer Barns' PC or your own notebook.

For user with a notebook computer and wants to access Computer Barn software on the notebook from anywhere at any time, please check out Virtual Computer Barn Service.

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