Language Studies

The Center for Language Education provides credit-bearing courses in English, Chinese and some Third Languages and offers a rich program of informal language activities, including short courses, workshops, advising and events. The Center caters for the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Language classes are small, generally about 20 students, so that teachers can provide individual feedback and adopt an interactive approach that allows students to participate actively in class. 

Learning a language opens up a window on the societies and cultures where that language is spoken. Language learning opens your mind, enriches your life and prepares you for the increasingly globalized world of today. 

Your gateway to learning English

English is the main language used for international communication in business and academia. Your need for English proficiency cannot be overlooked.. The Center for Language Education offers English courses as part of the University Common Core, where students develop academic literacy and improve their overall level of proficiency. School-specific English courses are also provided for all undergraduates, where the emphasis is on learning and using discipline-related English.

Research postgraduate students are required to take English courses that focus on developing academic writing and speaking skills in their own subject area. In addition, the Center offers workshops for RPG students on aspects of thesis writing, presenting conference papers and creating effective research posters.

CLE English Course Advice Team

If you have questions about the Center for Language Education (CLE) English courses you need to take in your first year, you can find detailed information at If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, you can send us your question by email, We look forward to hearing from you! 

Your gateway to learning Chinese

With growing cultural and economic ties with the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and other Chinese communities, Chinese has become increasingly useful for both studies and work. The Center’s Chinese courses will equip you with skills for communicating in Putonghua and enhance specific skills for communicating in contexts such as making oral presentations, and writing letters, reports and proposals. The Center also offers courses in Cantonese to non-local students who wish to acquire communicative competence for use within Hong Kong.

Your gateway to networking and friendship through language activities

Our team of Language Activity Officers from iLANG (Informal Curriculum for Language Learning) offer a range of engaging activities related to language and culture. These activities provide interesting insights into global communication and allow you to interact informally with members of the University and invited speakers from different parts of the world. 

Among the most popular activities are the English Language Buddy Scheme (ELBS) and the Chinese Language Buddy Program (CLBP). These programs offer you your own intimate group comprising a senior student who acts as the “buddy” and other students with whom you can practise your English/Chinese ― in relaxed environments like coffee shops, parks and cinemas. 

Please check out the iLANG website for details of the current activities.

Your gateway to international communication

We offer foreign language classes throughout the year. Informal conversation classes in some European languages also take place. Our Language Commons has materials for self-study in a wide variety of Asian and European languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc. We appreciate that the demand for some languages can be small. Nevertheless, we do our best to provide learning materials so that motivated students can pursue their language interests autonomously.